2 le office part deux

You are going to think I'm insane but ever since I got my Bludot Strut I haven't been able to quite get my office right again. I was going for the Jenna Lyons look but it really didn't work in the space so I'm kind of back to square one, that was until I came across Kate Banazi's latest work below which I immediately snapped up. This drew me straight back to my all time favourite room (above). Lovely Kate is going to make me a matching piece in pink, VERY excited about this!

To introduce some black I ordered Hee Wellings AAC 20 About A Chair in all black from Cult Design and bought IKEA's new Lohals rug for a little warmth, my gold and cream Stephan lamp from Regency Distribution will still work in here then all that's left is a little golden fleece in the form of some Mongolian fur for the chair and accessories! 

In my head it looks FAB and a little like this...

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  1. Always enjoy your posts. Love the new inspiration / art / chair! Thanks for always including easy to navigate links too. X kl

  2. Did you end up liking the Lohals rug from Ikea? I'm thinking about buying it too!


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