1 etsy roundup

I get completely lost in time on Etsy, I start searching for one thing (a Scandinavian mobile thanks Coco Republic blog) then the clever clogs website suggests other things I may like, why yes! yes I do love that cushion, thank you for the helpful suggestion Etsy! These cushions above are a custom order for someone from Etsy shop CC Deux Vie (I want them too please) then there was the (un helpful) suggestion of this side table below, unhelpful because it's in bloody New York, keep it local please Etsy, respect my needs for reasonable shipping. Then I spy something right up my shipping alley, a downloadable skull. This Etsy shop called Assembli offers DIY paper sculptures, you just need some serious folding skillz. Another win with this Leigh Viner dot art print, but a large fail with this useless suggestion, I actually got conned into thinking you knew me!

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