2 house (?) envy {the hilfigers florida home}

The question mark is there for obvious reasons. This Martyn Lawrence Bullard designed home has some pros but has plenty of cons too, probably very appropriate cons for its locale mind you. I love the vibrant colours, but so many? I love the graphic black and white, full stop, that kitchen is everything, I am really having a big black and white moment right now. All those mirrors in the bedroom freak me out, I especially detest the ones above the bedsides, so retro. And as kitsch as it is, I LOVE that banana walled powder room, it's adorable! Thoughts?

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  1. The banana wallpaper is scented too ; ) Jourdan x

  2. Oh no, me no likey! Some elements are Good (like the black and white kitchen but it's alla bit weird, not exactly a restful place! And as a footnote, doesn't her arm look a bit odd?? Is all bananas! :)


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