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There are no words for this bedroom of Miranda Skoczek via The Design Files. The Leila Jeffries photograph, the Moroccan wedding blanket and THAT GOLD URN. How lucky is this lady to have found said urn and how genius of her to have it as a bedside WHATEVER. There's more insanity for your viewing pleasure on TDF if you want to go look. She makes me want Fornasetti real bad.

This diabolical bowl is at Becker Minty right now and I'm having seriously impure thoughts about it. Then I remember I'm having a baby and maybe it's not right to spend that much on a decorative object. Then I think about going to West Elm to satisfy my need with a little accoutrement but really nothing fills a Kelly Wearstler void does it...

So back to the baby, Han and I shot it last weekend, it's a small room so hard to capture it well. I don't want that much fuss in there, all the nurseries I have seen that I have fallen for have been quite minimal, and let's be honest, I'm decorating for me really not the baby. Everything I'm buying I would have bought without being preggers, is that selfish? Hold on here, maybe the baby needs a Kelly Wearstler stone checker dish? A bit of a stretch. Anywho, the nursery will be in the next issue of Adore magazine coming out NEXT WEEK!

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  1. Can't wait to check out the nursery! It'll be beautiful I'm sure


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