2 chateau peep : office close up

Loni featured my office on the blog a little while ago (as well as in the mag) and I thought I would share some more pics. Especially since I am pretty much saying goodbye to this bright-as-can-be look. What sucks with me though is that it takes me a while to get to a completed new look, I like to find 'the perfect' things (I am v. picky), so the office now sits in a state of flux, pink desk, rug, old chair and a few accoutrements but nothing significant on the walls etc. makes me not want to be in here. I wish there was some insane comfy sofa office chair I could buy, I'm sick of hard plastic chairs!

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  1. Oh no! Don't change it, I LOVE your space. x

  2. Let me highly recommend a bungee cord chair. Work-at-home editor and I sit in mine from 7 AM to 1 AM when I'm on a deadline. A pink one (like the one I'm sitting in) would look awesome with your desk.


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