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Okay, so about a year ago I posted this love fest on Jenna Lyons office which subsequently led to me making the Bludot Strut purchase which you saw in the latest issue of Adore Magazine. I have since moved the zebra rug to the nursery so the office is shirtless, until last weekend when I bought the Freedom Melibu rug (on serious sale). I want a bit more of a mid century modern look like Jenna's only much less cluttered. Next step toward this is the Mouille floor lamp which I am oh-so-close-it-hurts to purchasing followed swiftly by a black chair. What I am secretly hoping is that I will stumble upon a gem at Vinnies or Salvos, and who knows, someones trash may be my pretzel chair!

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  1. just got the same rug looks great .up close ..luv your style claudia


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