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I'm not one of those women who have embraced pregnancy when it comes to fashion. I have struggled big time to walk out of the house feeling good about myself. People keep saying but you've finally got this baby inside you you've been trying for so long for and I'm thinking, yes but I feel like crap and look yuck and the bebe isn't even really real to me yet! I say if you feel yuck when you're preggos you are entitled to feel that way and do things that make you feel a teensy bit better, even if it is a material satisfaction. So, this brings me to this post, speedily on it's way to me is this blush bonded trench from Topshop (I was texting a shopping pro girlfriend about where to find a good anorak in green and eventually texted her this photo saying I found the perfect one, a little further from a green anorak but I feel in love so who cares) Then I accidentally went into Parlour X and walked out with these Marants (above). They were on sale and I felt like they were the fanciest I am going to get in the shoe department so they were ok, plus it would be rude not get them as they were literally the last pair on sale in my size, and when you're a 41 you take every opportunity that comes your way! I also couldn't live without these second skin black maternity jeans from Just Jeans. After months of torturing myself with a hairband extending my regular jeans I finally made the switch and feel like I can breathe again.

Then there are the temptresses that you know you don't need because Country Road do a great version but they're so special you really can't get them out of your mind. Take this Kenzo grey knit jumper with handy side slits for the growing belly also from Parlour X and the Marc by Marc Jacobs Eliz-a-baby bag from Shopbop. Don't you hate it when you feel like these are the missing pieces to your wardrobe puzzle that will finally make it complete? (that is until you see something on Net-a-Porter) Other than this I haven't really bought anything I can't wear again (oh yes I got these jeans from ASOS but I'm forever having to pull them up and I got this cute baseball tee) Let's be honest, it's going to be a while until I get back into my regular clothes so maybe the investment isn't such a bad idea? See! convincing myself again :)

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  1. I just got my dress today! Ordered it on Sunday and received it on Thursday. The packaging was beautiful wrapped in a leopard tissue paper with a gold sticker that stated "Thank you for your order".


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