3 the one

I spied L'Wren Scott's cream wool boucle sofa when it was published in Vogue in 2012 and knew in my heart of hearts that this was but a pipe dream (I want kids so that rules it out immediately), fancy then Jules and I trying out 'feeding chairs' and finding the most comfortable heavenly chair that ever did exist then looking at the price tag and realising that this was a little a lot over budget, thank you Saarinen Womb chair. Fancy further that the next day when I was at my favourite haunt Mitchell Road Antiques that there, smack bang, dead centre of the shop is a cream wool boucle Womb chair, and it's a third of the price. Queue heart quickening and credit card whipping out. SOLD! and firmly ensconced in the nursery awaiting a good scotch guard. I think I may have some kind of furniture fairy overing over me

The original design, as per Florence Knoll's request in 1948

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