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I have decided on the IKEA Hemnes chest of 3 drawers for the kidlets room and have also chosen the new drawer handles, the carved horn panther heads below from Mother of Pearl

Is there anything else fun I can do to make it less generic that doesn't make them too DIY? I know most people will suggest Overlays, I think these are my only options there though and I don't think it will suit the style of the nursery. So any other suggestions are gratefully welcomed! I would kind of like to do something dramatic like this below (via here) but I would probably stuff it up, anything easier you can think of?

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  1. What about just painting some of the narrow edges of the dresser an accent color (gold maybe?). I like the one here: http://emilyaclark.com/2013/09/our-white-gold-ikea-nightstand-makeover.html but you could chose areas that make it a bit more subtle, too.


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