8 things i need to let go of

Things claudia needs to let go of: having a pink nursery. Yes, I'm have a boy. My fantasy of soft pinky salmon and grey colour schemes are gone. Kaput. Over. I'm going to have to start re focusing on the possibilities. Sorry but blue doesn't do anything for me (unless it's denim or nautical stripes, bien sur). I'm going to indulge my loss in a sea of images dedicated to the loverly blush hue

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good bye my lover 

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  1. Oh Claudia, you can still have the colour you want! Just maybe go light on it with more of the grey! Boys a re the best :) have two lovely strapping ones myself, happiness :) you'd get bored with Barbie pink in the end, relish the possibilities. Kind regards from Blighty.

  2. Nah babe! Boys stuff is RAD skateboards on the wall, black accents, dinosaurs, skulls and pirates.


    I'm excited you're having a boyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!


  3. Congratulations - boys are so lovely.


  4. Aw! Buy yourself a pretty blush handbag. Congratulations on a boy!

  5. hahaha totes agree with Blithely Unaware!

  6. Congrats and I think you can certainly still have a pink nursery if you want to.

  7. Oh wow! My thoughts exactly! I too am having a boy and suddenly realised my mind (and pinterest boards) was filled with girly images of blush and gold... I mean, I kept saying I had no inkling of what I was having but it seems I really thought I was having a girl. We even had a girl's name picked out but now cannot decide on a boy's name haha!

    I look forward to seeing some wonderful boy's nursery ideas on here!!

    Clare x

  8. Hehehe I've had three boys and really had to mourn the loss of every having anything remotely girly.


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