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I feel like I haven't been on my game lately, although I did find that orange gourd lamp, but still I feel like the volume has decreased. Maybe I'm being more fussy when it comes to op shopping? I am on my way to getting the shop part of my website up and running, there will be a part for Closet Cleanouts, home wares which will be called Chateau and also styling services. I am excited to get more out of my blog and hopefully share some of my finds with you all. But I digress, I found this sweet little green vessel at Salvos, it reminded me so much of the movie Return to Oz when she goes into the room and has to touch everything shaded emerald to save all her friends. The scarf was a consignment shop find, so a little bit cheaty for this post but still a bargain! The Vinnies sofa below is still dancing around in my head. The shape was FAB and the batik print would be oh so right in the right girls home, I can just see some magenta velvet throw cushions on there...

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