2 wedding dilemma

I paid a visit to Blue Spinach in Darlinghurst last week and fell in love with this Vanessa Bruno blazer. I happen to be looking for an outfit for my brother in law's wedding in August and feel like this is the starting point. It's a night wedding in a cool warehouse space so you can dress a little more risque than perhaps you could at a day wedding. The fabric of the jacket is very dressy - perfectly tailored. I want to keep it very Claudia and not go too girly, so when I saw these gold pants at Carla Zampatti the outfit was complete in my head, add a slouchy/silky tee and heels et voila!? I have the pants ordered in so hopefully they look as good on as they do in my mind ;) God I hate dressing up!

The Carla look in full

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  1. I think the outfit plan is perfect for this particular wedding! Love it! And love the fact that you'll wear the outfit pieces again and again, together and seperately! I just attended my FIL memorial service and due to (EeeeK!) embarresing weight gain, had little to wear. Velvet jeggings, cashmere jumper, heels and a STATEMENT neckpiece, made me feel comfortable and stylish....it's about how you FEEL more than anything I reckon! x KL


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