3 a chair a day {lawson-fenning}

I think the girl's meant to be the focus of this picture but let's be honest, I can't take my eyes off that CHAIR, it wouldn't matter if Ryan Gosling was sitting in it! It's the Milo chair by Lawson-Fenning (I can only imagine an homage to Milo Baughman) and it's pure chair perfection I can barely even handle looking at it. How lucky is Emily Weiss getting to walk into her 'gloffice' with these bad boys winking at her all day?

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  1. Less is more right? I'm not a fan of gold myself but these chair are gorgeous... Just so simple and elegant. Please get some and post lots of pictures of them.

    {i think your link goes to the wrong chair, it goes to a thicker framed one or am i confused?}

  2. These chairs are gorgeous! They aren't the Milo though. They are the thin frame lounge chairs.


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