3 blue jean

I can't get enough of denim. I wear it everyday. Navy denim, pink denim, washed denim, ripped denim, denim shirts, the list goes on. I even go so far as double denim. I am a woman obsessed. At the moment I am feeling electric blue with my denim after seeing this picture of Man Repeller, I want an electric blue coat but the reality of me actually wearing it is slim to none, so I may need to settle for some electric blue shoes or this Benah metallic snake bag. Seems to me you need a statement bag to accompany your Double Denim if Tommy Ton's pictures are anything to go by...time to bring out my old Balenciaga again! (or treat myself to the Benah, I really can't get it out of my mind)

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  1. Some people were questioning CR's new Chambray pieces on twitter the other day.... some people don't appreciate a classic piece of clothing.

    meanwhile I've gone and bought the shirt and pants hahahaahaaa


  2. love blue denim!!
    kisses from milan

  3. Denim is my uniform too.



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