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So you know how I found my happy place when I stumbled upon this dining table base (above) a few weeks back? Well I have decided to disassemble my tulip marble dining table (below) and use the marble top on the gold base but now my idea of having Bertoia's is moot, as it will clash with the gold. I need help with finding the right dining chair. I am thinking I will have to go safe white but I am happy to be challenged on this one. Any suggestions? 

What about these Starck Masters chairs?

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  1. Why dont you get the Bertoia Chair in the white powder coating rather than the steel? personally I like to mix gold and silver...so I dont see an issue in that respect, but the with "stripe" of the table base and the "check" of the chair it might be a bit fussy! At home I have the marble Tulip table and Ive put it with black orange slice chairs, it works a treat!

  2. I don't know how i feel about this... Something about the shape of that square base doesn't feel right with the fine marble top of the tulip table... I think part of the charm of a tulip table is the delicate stem lets the marble sing. I'm just not sure how it would look atop such a decadent and bold base. I love them separately but i don't know if i love them together. It's hard to tell from the scale of the pictures what it would be like.

    Having said that, you have one of the best eyes of anyone i know so if you think it will work it will most likely be a style star.

    I do know i love those masters chairs beyond words. A yellow one is next up on my chair hit list.

  3. How about considering the ghost chair? Not disimilar to the style of the current chair = works with table top, and the clear allows the base to be seen in all it's glory. No colour / material clash and you can funk up to hearts content with chair pads....I'm seeing paint splattered neon pink?
    x KL

  4. I think those Starck Masters would be amazing! xx

  5. The Stark Masters are STUNNING, to say the least. I think they would be an excellent choice. I think a hot pink chair would be flattering as well and add a pop of fun color--but I am partial to white! About the marble table top, have you considered a glass top? The base would be the center of the show!


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