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I finally made it out to West Elm/Pottery Barn/Williams Sonoma in Bondi last Saturday and was a little underwhelmed to tell you the truth. West Elm was pretty good, good to have another option other than Freedom et al but I was expecting more. As for Pottery Barn, I won't be rushing back there, it's a paint by numbers cookie cutter store in the palest of beiges. Willams Sonoma was good, great kitchen ware store and the cooking school was beautiful (plus one of the store boys looked EXACTLY like Robert Pattinson, english accent and all). This may sound rather negative, but I did find lovely things I would be more than thrilled to have in my home. Take this pink and orange rug above, or the marble topped spaghetti side table, or the faceted coffee table. I also found some great fur cushions and of course the chevron pouf. Anyone bought anything from there yet?

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  1. How refreshing.. I have been so bored of the endless gushing over these stores when really as you say it is just another version of Freedom. Funky fun stuff but nothing made to last the years and a fair amount so totally on trend that it would be out a year later.

    I too love a few things they produce but find a whole load of it far too mundane and would prefer to source from more unique places

  2. I haven't had the chance to go yet but I ordered a piece of faux coral online two weeks ago. No more contact so I logged in to find my order 'to be fulfilled'. One more week and it will get cancelled....
    x kl

  3. We went recently too and were a bit 'meh'... There's a few bits and pieces I liked but on the whole found it a little uninspiring. This could have to do with the fact that when we were there, a lady was just picking entire room sets from the catalogue for her house. Where's the imagination in that? I like to collect from here and there, that makes a home, not replicating an entire look with no thought of your own.


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