1 a chair a day {the flag halyard}

Hans Wegner has brought us such dreamy seating such as the Peacock chair, the J16 Rocking chair and the Wishbone chair, my newest discovery is the Flag Halyard. It is part steel, part leather, part sheepskin and ALL good! Holy moses this chair does things for me. Lets learn a little more about her...With the Flag Halyard chair, Hans Wegner pays tribute to the modernists like le Corbusier, Mies van de Rohe and Marcel Breuer. He proved at the same time he was also a master in the use of steel tubes. Despite this infidelity to wood, his favorite material, the Flag Halyard chair features a wegnerien style. The flat surfaces are made using a long, single halyard flag, 140 meter long, covered with a longhaired sheepskin that comes to soften -  and somehow contradict -  the coldness of the steel industry. The flag line is made of natural line woven around a core strong enough to avoid stretching over time. A skilled worker makes the weaving in about 14 hours. The PP225 chair is available in natural and black linen....It's also $20,000...

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  1. Wow...i actually was hoping to find this chair somewhere and buy it. But not at 20K - yikes. I saw it at Isabel Marant shop here in NYC.



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