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i was first alerted to this new aussie label Dylan Kain via the ever more useful instagram, it was love at first sight. i needed wanted a smaller bag (so i don't get scoliosis from mr wang) but never found anything that fit the bill, until now. meet the rodriguez (above), perfect size, colour, shape, a few shoulder strap options and it fits all my essentials in very neatly. I got mine with silver hardware as I don't wear yellow gold much (I'm a rose girl through and through) from a beautiful boutique on South Dowling street in Surry Hills called Desorde. they also stock this little beauty below called the wax, it was a toss up between the two but the rodriguez won because of the option of the leather strap (the metal won't tarnish as much with less skin contact) he has lots of lovely bags and accessories which you should check out here

xxx c

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  1. I die for these bags, getting one for my first mother's dayyyyayayayayaayayayaa


  2. i love them both. my wang needs to be put in the bin! x


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