4 brush strokes

doing my daily scroll through instagram and thefigintherose alerted me to this lamp on beige and burlap's page. she seems to be a bunny williams look-a-like (sans gold base) and boy is she pretty. kate thinks i should make it a 'March DIY', i actually have a lamp that's similar in shape, remember this one?

it has 3 spheres and is quite big with a mushroom coloured shade. i wonder how much i would ruin it if i hated the result? dare i? or should i wait until i find a less expensive lamp op shopping and test it out first? especially considering i schlepped this one all the way back from queenstown...
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  1. I think... wait... you know you'll find something in the op shoppe to do it to. You could even brush stroke an oversized lamp shade instead?!


  2. Op shop for sure... or try Freedom for a practise one!! Besides, i don't want to be blamed if you hate it!!!! xxK

  3. go the cheaper version first. That lamp is great. Can't wait to see your next place and what you do with all your new op shops finds.


  4. you are so good at your op shopping you will find one for sure. I remember trying to deconstruct a sass and bide dress because I thought I was clever enough to make it into two dresses. I wrecked it and ended up with zero dresses lol! expensive mistake :( xx


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