2 the golden triangle

you know how i go op shopping all the time sometimes? well i have a name for my favourite haunts, the golden triangle a trio of shops that pretty much always delivers. sometimes when jules asks me where i'm going i say 'triangle' and he knows exactly where i'm at, or he may even ask 'going triangle-ing tomorrow?' such is the frequency of my visits. see, it's the compulsive side of me that really gets fed from this. sometimes i go and there's nada, but that's rare, and even if there isn't anything delicious for me i still love the thrill that maybe there will be. that's the whole point of it for me. people always ask where i go and then they go once themselves give it one 2 second look and when they don't find a vintage hermes tray or an eames chair for $5 they call it quits. you can't be like that if you want to find treasure, you have to go again and again (and again and again) and you have to scour every nook and cranny, every shelf every corner and trust me, you WILL find gold. i could have furnished a house by now (and beautifully) if i had bought everything i had fallen for. 

so the moral of the story is, go find places near you and keep going back, find out when their big deliveries are and keep your peepers fresh and clean. oh, and don't ask me where i go because i'm not telling! (even though i've already told heaps of you!)

so from now on when you hear me say triangle you know what i'm doing

xxx c

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  1. Thanks for inspiring me to go op shopping. Haven't been since way back when grunge was in. Must not get too excited or borderline hoarder! So many treasures. So much fun :)

  2. OK, so your shop should be called Triangle ;) x


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