3 life instyle

life instyle certainly didn't disappoint this year, starting with the style lab from lucy weight and jane frosh (above)

i LOVED this astronaut bedlinen from vincent2 and some new offerings from bonnie and neil including plates (excited) 

these star sculptures were absolute beauties and i fell in love with this gold mirror (below left) and rose gold cot from incy interiors (right) if only i had a child! 

how good are these light? they are the creation of inartisan. and the sweet little rose gold lid jars? so good...


and finally, i need these planters! the sculptural pink looks like an old jelly mould don't you think? can't wait to see some of these goodies in store in the coming months

thanks for having me life instyle!

xxx c

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  1. omg that cot!!!!
    if only it was out before!!!
    that said though O is always rolling around in his cot bashing his head on the rails and waking himself up... so this might make matters worse... plus what happens when they start teething and chewing the rails....
    ok I talked myself out of it hahahahahaaa

  2. BUT they have it in a single bed
    Which I want for the nursery

  3. Oh gosh, that jelly planter is super cute!!


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