1 mitchell road

i feel like i haven't had a mitchell road visit for freakin' ages so i had my hopes up when i eventually got there on my second last day of freedom (before returning to work). the first thing i clapped my eyes on was this rather odd chair, if you can't work out what it is, it's because it is resting on top of a couch as they are all very crammed in - it's kind of like a tripod chair, i could't decide if i loved it or hated it. looking back at it now i think it's the latter but you know me + chairs + fur!

no visit to mitchell road is complete without stopping in at drawing room theory - it's goodness knows no bounds, like these paper cranes

unfortunately this faceted steel structure below was sold - i will have to ask brian if he can get another...

up stairs i spied this lamp and fell in love

and this guy!

this giant clam was 900 clams, which, after a visit to coco republic the next day seemed cheap as they sell fake ones for $1200!

sweet light and specimen box full of crystals

not the most exciting visit but then again it makes it that much sweeter when you find gold...

xxx c

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  1. Next time I am in Sydney can you please take me shopping!! x


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