6 thrifty claudia

my girlfriend was chucking these out because they had quite a bit of wear to them so i took them, paid a cobbler $40 and voila! brand spanking new

i loved this old deco display cabinet at vinnies, and funnily enough there was one the exact same at salvos down the road!

this chair below was one of 4 snuggled against a hideous laminate dining table. i thought they would make cute office chairs

view from the top

and finally someone dumped old library stock - i felt bad for them, they all had 'disposed' stamped on their front pages!

xxx c

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  1. Thankgod you fixed the prada shoes! I have a simliar pair.. they are so comfy!!

  2. Girl what can I say, I love your shoes, and this chair is AMAZING!
    If you like pointy pumps you will like my latest post...

  3. Um, those Prada shoes are amazing; great score! xx

  4. I LOVE thrifty people! Good on you. I recently wore this black and gold corset to a uni party on a cruise - I'd done it up and added sequins to give more of a vintage-y feel - and I got so many compliments on it! It's so great when you can find something that you know no one else will have :) Laura x ps Also a little in love with your shoes!

  5. Oops - forgot to add in my previous comment that the corset was FROM Vinnies. Silly me!

  6. I love those kinds of finds! I'm totally jealous! And duh! Resoling shoes is so genius! I found a pair of YSL and another of Ferragamos at a secondhand store, both in great condition, but if they ever get worn down, you know that's what I'm doing. I love all your thrifting posts. Genius.


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