2 aliphatic compounds

okay, so, i have been eyeing off some delicious molecular structure models on ebay and decided i would give making my own molecules a go instead, my kit only cost me 99c plus postage!

i chose my desired structure from the handy booklet...

...and started building! here is my aliphatic compound hanging from the ceiling rather like a chandelier dont you think? 

and here she is restructured in a pleasing vignette. after this trial i feel i'm able to incorporate atoms and other chemical delights - watch this space!

p.s. i literally failed 2 unit chemistry in year 12...

xxx c

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  1. Hello, I found your blog via the Adore Mag, just love this molecular kit. I've been struggling to decide what to get my husband for his birthday and I think I know now! Which ebay seller did you get this from for only 99c? I found some a bit dearer, but still cheap. Cheers.
    (sarajburgess @ yahoo . com . au)

  2. What a lovely blog you have! I love your molecular model but LOVE your ginger jars!!


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