6 i knew i was cool...

i knew i was cool (despite what my husband said) when i wore this nike sweater with my denim and some gold miu miu's. he told me that i had made a mistake (he actually said 'whoopsies, you made a mistake' which is something we reserve for when we see particularly poorly dressed people - we're total bitches) and i tried to explain that this look is super cool and hasn't he read vogue lately? well ha! this street style pic from the daily movement proves it, i am cool (but not as cool as the daily movement) and now all i need is some more jewelry and a red nail. see you soon nail salon!

xxx c

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  1. Whaaatthe? You listen to your hubby? That's the only mistake I see here C!
    x KL

  2. ha! this post made me laugh so much...

    in our partnership, mr flats is way ahead of me in the cool stakes so when he tells me something doesn't look good i usually listen. and he's usually right... on the occasions i don't listen i end up feeling terrible about my outfit about half an hour after we've left the house.

    that jumper is cool. you were right!

  3. my hubby said the same when i paired my mango grey sweat with tailored pants + skirts with high heels. men don't get coolness haha.

  4. Love hearing about other peoples own couples language. that's a good one. i once sold an item of clothing on ebay due to my husbands disdain of it and it was the most coveted item i ever sold! grrr...


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