3 bonjour marin!

my girl ChipChop! has come out with a brand spanking new range for S/S12 called Bonjour Marin! (hello sailor) and it's an AB (absolute beauty) (don't you love her use of exclamations? they make everything seem fun and exciting!) think tie dye leather jackets, soft scarves and sorbet coloured raglan tees, and of course there are the usual suspects: witty tees, silk dresses and skinnies

my picks are the soda pop raglan, the seven seas scarf in latte rope and the jewel in the crown - this jack sparrow leather jacket freakin' swoon!

click here to view the full range

xxx c
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  1. I saw the leather jacket in store last week it is amazing.

  2. GORGEOUS stuff, I was literally just looking at the chipchop Australian Ballet stuff!


  3. Love it - I just bought the Bonjour Marin! Tshirt from The French Peg and have been wearing it to death!! L xx


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