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Hannah shot these amazing creations and i had to share. the artist is Luisa Seienberg (she happens to be Han's cousin) and she was kind enough to give me the lowdown on her process...

artist/decorator Luisa has been creating for the past 2 years, working predominately with earthen ware clay, under glaze, copper, oxide and glaze. to create one of these sometimes takes 3 hours sometimes 12, but the firing process takes a long time, they have to be Bisk fired and then glaze fired up to 1100 degrees c
"This series of ceramics is titled ‘Oceania’. It is a body of work which is my response to the absolute beauty of nature and my environment. The simplicities and complexities.
I scan the ocean whilst walking along the beach and shoreline rocks and am constantly overwhelmed by the wondrous world in which we live. I am transported by the serenity the magic.
My work is a homage to the energy of the restless and peaceful sea. The art works are organic in form. Working with colour and texture, I purposely expose the inconsistencies in the clay, much like nature. They seem to manifest themselves through a will of their own as if my hands are just a tool to compose them. It is a great creative freedom for me and my heart is in every piece
hope you enjoy them, Luisa"

to view more of her collection or make a purchase email her at luisa.seidenberg@gmail.com or via facebook here 

xxx c

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  1. Those are very neat!!

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