2 iphone piccies

sorry about the crappy iphone pics, here are a few vignettes from my place lately (used husband's iphone as i am still on blackberry but making the move as soon as the 5 comes out later this month - instagram here i come!). above is a new antler/skull i got as a gift from a friend on the hall table and below is underneath

below, new under TV shelves (L to R: qee (i love how forlorn he looks), be@rbrick and munny)

above, some dining table dead wood goodness and below fresh lillies from my mummery

above, i found these glorious wildflowers called thryp at thomas dux, my new favourites! and finally below, the lighting at westy field in chatswood! in love!

xxx c

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  1. Hello Claudia! I don't think the i-phone pics are crappy. And the flowers are beautiful. Just gave me the idea of going out for a walk with the family and collecting beautiful things from nature. Probably will post photos too. Have a beautiful Sunday!

  2. I looked for you on Instagram! So glad you're joining the party! Post a link when you're on! And I always love peeks into your home!



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