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there is change in the air, i feel like this is going to be a big 6 months. we have been given notice on our apartment which is really sad because it so feels like home, we decided to take this chance to have a break from bills and move into my parents place while they are in europe, then into a friends place while she is in hawaii and then with jules family for a while until we find the perfect place. there are also some other things going on that is going to make for an emotional year for me. on the brighter side, i have a project coming up with adore home magazine and some work with bednest so things are looking up creatively speaking. i am also chomping at the bit to be able to completely re work all my 'things' into a new space when we eventually move. who knows what the next 6 months will bring but i am excited to share it with you all

xxx c

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  1. I LOVE big changes, big changes are good for the soul!
    Hopefully your move(s) go smoothly and everything settles quickly.

    Good luck to you C! Can't wait to see what other changes are around the corner for you!!!!



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