11 snippets at home

i have been struggling with how to style this sideboard since i bought it so i have decided to stress less about it and start making some shapes to see how things go...

and a few looks on my desk right now...

hall table vignette

also, i can't wait to do something new with my desk and when i do you will be the first to know! 

xxx c

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  1. i think it needs more height. something framed leaning against the wall. and maybe a tall vase with some flowers - then it wont be so flat. other than that i think it's perfect and no need for stressing....

  2. Your entire space looks heavenly! I wish I had it all.

  3. Can you please jump on a plane, come to NZ and style my house for me? Please and Thank you xo

  4. Love what you have done so far; your penguin classics are very cool. Magazines always look great - your collection almost rivals mine ;)

  5. Love those white horsehead bookends! Where did you find those? I need to have them! :)

    1. Bummer. Was hoping to be able to pick some up for myself!

  6. Where'd you find your VOGUE magazine organizers?


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