3 chair/merve kahraman

25 year old interior designer merve kahraman makes these exquisite chairs entirely by hand, hybrid no. 1 (above) and 2 (below) were designed to merge with the user, making them one. as well as these chairs, she has some other wildly creative designs, like this multi-mouthed vase antagonist (2 below) and her paper shredder lamp, eliminator, designed for the user to pick their paper shade for a customized glow (3 below) - how do people come up with this stuff!?!

click here to view more of her projects

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  1. In love with those chairs!!

    ~ Clare x

  2. Those chairs are amazing and I love that they're handmade too! The paper shredder lamp is another really clever idea. Some people are clearly just too clever at design!


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