5 ma jewels

my collection of key rings

i want new jewellry storage, i currently have everything in one of these but it's boring and i want something new, i don't want everything in separate bowls or anything either - suggestions? so while i was contemplating important things like jewellry storage i decided to do a bit of an inventory to share with you all, i discovered that i don't change my jewellry an awful lot so alot of it goes unworn (that's also because my skin reacts with almost all costume jewellry which is kind of lucky i guess, because i HAVE to wear only precious metals), i just stick to my jordy askill heart and my wedding rings plus the star pendant mum and dad gave me for my 21st (below)

everyday 'don't leave my body' jewels

necklaces and pendants collected over the years

my rings, the coral one jules gave me in fiji and said it was my engagement ring 

my entire earring collection - i obviously don't wear them much, i leave the ones in that i got them pierced with as they don't irritate me. the cones are eddie borgo which i wore at my wedding and the other single is made from diamonds from an old ring i had been given

bangles! i got the pink hermes from mum and dad for graduating from my masters degree  and the cream was for my 30th, the snake is vintage from a shop in paddington, the louis vuitton was from ebay and the faceted gold was a gift from a friend by marc jacobs.

i also have a small collection of fabric bracelets from various people which i rotate if i am feeling i need more variety on my person 

my obsession - the cartier panthere ring - of course these are not from cartier but when equip came out with them i bought a gazillion! one day the real deal will be mine, even if i have to rob rachel zoe

the moral of my jewellry story is 'claudia, stop buying costume jewellry, you will never wear it!' (but it is pretty to look at!)

xxx c

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  1. What a beautiful selection! To be honest, I'm also absolutely unable to resist in front a beautiful costume jewelry necklace, they are my weakness...

  2. I loved looking at all your goodies! I about died when I got to the panthere ring though! I agree! I always say that it's the first thing I'll buy when I hit it rich! I thought I was bad because I have two...now I have ring envy! One can never have too many pantheres in my book! And I've never seen a pave one so those are cool!



  3. gorgeous pieces!

  4. Loved having a 'peep' at all your special goodies! Jewelry is so very personal...i always feel a bit voyouristic (if there's such a word?!); in a non-creepy way! Eeeek....but LOVE seeing others collections!
    I'm subscribing to comments on this one because I have the same dilema. I was thinking I might buy some commercial velvet lined trays to put in a lockable drawer for my good stuff. I don't wear costume jewelry often either but like having some bits on display...aesthetics an' all! Love your Eddie Borgo earings and the Hermes bangles. Very special.
    x KL

  5. Hey Would you be willing to sell those diamond panthere rings? I cant find them anywhere!


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