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my sister in law alice recently moved into a new place and it is HEAVEN! (moving day was very hard for the family hound willis - where are you going mum? you're not leaving me, right?) we spent the day (from 6:30am!!!) moving her in and creating little vignettes of goodness to keep us excited the whole time. she bought this chevron ginger jar on our trip to the armchair collective a while back, the dinosaur designs plate was reluctantly returned by me after a long sleepover at chez moi and the new licorice cire trudon was a gift from one of her friends.

her mum anne bought alice these insanely beautiful roses from summers floral in kirribilli

as well as these lilies - spoilt alice! 

grouping things begins. the cushion is from target and the side table was a find on one of our op shop trips, it had a glass top which we removed and replaced with a stone tile leftover from my parents bathroom

the mirror was an absolute STEAL, her friend was cleaning out an interstate apartment and offered it to her for peanuts (very lucky girl) Alice's mum painted her old kitchen chairs in different colours (there is a bronze and white still to come) which look excellent with the neutral table cloth and other orange accents in the apartment

the bathroom is one of my favourite parts of this place, it is super fresh, i collected vintage glass topped containers for her over the past few weeks for her cotton wool and makeup remover pads. i loved her idea of using test tubes for her cu-tips! 

bedside table vignette with a fresh diptyque, fresh roses (in her grandma's vintage vase) and a cute john derian 'a' plate (and, of course, a framed photo of willis) 

the study nook with barely any room left for the computer - accessories always win!!!! anne painted this skull with a leopard print which alice has obviously stolen and claimed as her own! i think alice has done an amazing job with this place making it firmly 'her' (oh and her boyfriend simon also lives here but, like a lot of men, did not contribute to the styling, except for the dirty throw on the bed which we will NOT be showing)

hope you enjoyed le tour

xxx c

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  1. So many gorgeous colors and accents! You guys did such a great job putting the place together :)

  2. Excuse me....! i trecked through a friends farm over a year ago to find a sheep skull. 45000 degrees and 10 km's later, there she was. When i eventually got it back to the house, and went to clean it I found 3 funnel webs underneath. Yes, i held it with my raw hands on the treck back. i then 'lent' her to mum to have in the courtyard until i wanted it for a new place. I came home from work a few months ago and mum had made it a 'confused' sheepy. So, moral of the story - She's ALL MINE!

  3. Gorgeous apartment - love the orange accents and that ginger jar is fab! xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

  4. THAT mirror! Everything looks awesome!



  5. That chevron jar is AMAZING! I love the space!

    xx Meghan

  6. The apartment looks amazing! I love the leopard/black louis chair + that fab chevron cushion! Is the chevron jar Jill Rosenwald? I love it too! (and pretty much everything chevron really) xx

    1. i know doesn't it?! not sure about the jar, all i know is she got it at armchair collective in mona vale, i was in your new hood on Sunday for lunch at Apollo, have you been? it was delish!

  7. Amazing work ladies! LOVE LOVE LOVE the mirror...throw a fairy light tangle over it, and it would be my dream mirror....

  8. Oh my goodness! Where did she purchase the leopard/black chair from? I am in love!

  9. Oh i am so jealous! I definitely need one like that in my apartment! x


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