3 phuket purchases

when i was over in phuket i made a very modest 2 purchases, one was a sharks jaw, those teeth are beyond sharp i have nearly cut myself about 16 squillion times. i plan to use him in a vignette on my new buffet which of course i will share with you all!

the second purchase was this traditional thai wedding head dress. it looks quite old but it had just been out in the sun forever and was delightfully bleached, the lady asked if i wanted a fresh one but i loved the look of the faded black linen. it's covered in seed pods and has a tin backing. now all i need is a metal black stand for it, any ideas where to purchase? 

xxx c

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  1. That head dress is AMAZING! I wish I knew where you could get a stand, I've been looking for some myself. Let me know if you find one! You have such fabulous taste! xx

  2. LOVE that headdress
    I think I'd go the faded one too, then make up some magical story about it
    Maybe call galleries or shop fitters to see if they can point you in the right direction?


  3. Love and love! Can't wait to see them displayed in your abode.




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