2 house envy: aerin/lauder/aspen

the aspen home of aerin lauder and her family as shot by francois harland for vogue. in my opinion, it does not get better than this, the fur, the wood, the colour palette, it's perfect!

oh, and you can check out her wainscott home here to drool a little more...

xxx c

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  1. I just loved you post! Aspen is close to my heart at the moment, cause we're trading our "usual" Mermaid Beach (Qld) Christmas for a family holiday to Aspen this year.

    I am just so excited and cannot wait to admire these homes from the side walk!

    Thanks Claudia!

  2. I have loved, filed and blogged a few of these images before Claudia but I never knew whos home it was, nor saw the pictures in context to its location. Thanks for a great post and the additional peeps of a stunning home.
    x KL


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