i got back from thailand on thursday morning, after a busy first half of the year of traveling it's finally over - serious PHB (post holiday blues). we were over in phuket for my older brothers wedding. we staying in a massive 2 story villa in laguna where the wedding reception was held (thats jules and my little brother in the pool where they spent the majority of their time throwing a skimming ball back and forth...)

my little brother, Tom

my brother Adam's wife sam is chinese and the wedding was a whole new experience for us, he had to do a tonne of tasks to prove his love for her until the family would allow him in the door to 'fetch' her, jules and tom were roped into completing some of these tasks, one of which was to make a human pyramid and do a pole dance...

in the chapel waiting to watch her walk down the aisle

sams little brother went around taking polaroids which i loved, below - adam made sam a little anklet which she wore on the day (so cute!)

we only had one bad day of weather, luckily it was the day after the wedding! i found this scorpion in Adam's pool, i screamed for about 60 seconds before i was told they cant swim and it had drowned...

there were entire shops dedicated to hello kitty (fake, natch) and a flintstones themed restaurant set in the jungle complete with Fred's car which jules found amusing

billy the lizard who came out for walks in the sun every morning for a few hours before going back into his tank in the hotel restaurant (he even came swimming in the pool with me!) 

the view from up at reggae bar - a place on the hill which consisted of a concrete slab held up by bamboo, needless to say i was holding my breath for most of that meal...

the monkeys at the big Buddha were freakin' scary, they chased me at one point which tom's girlfriend chloe got on camera, i may post if i find it from her!

best restaurant in phuket, my brother has lived in thailand for about 12 years and this is his local, it was called green table because there were green tables inside but after tsunami they changed location and decor (red tables) but the green table name stuck.

we didn't end up lighting these on the wedding night so we did it a few nights after, it is such a magical thing to do

i know, i know, gross right? we went on an ATV trek and i lost my balance and went to steady myself on the ground with my foot, unfortunately i couldn't slow down and ruined my tootsie - owwwww

jules and i got secret tattoos

elephants are everywhere, we saw a lot of really cute real ones but i got upset seeing them chained up, it's so hard to imagine they are happy chained all day. the baby one called pancake was particularly hard to resist

best view in phuket

i made a few purchases too so i will post those soon

xxx c

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  1. What gorgeous photos! Stopping by and so glad I came across your blog.

    Now following,


  2. It breaks my heart seeing the elephants chained up too. Please show a pic of your tattoo!! Kylie x

    1. i know it killed me.... sent u a pic of tatt to your rebel email x

  3. that scorpion makes me feel sick

  4. Great photos! I am so happy to hear and see Green Table is still there following the Tsunami. One of my fave restaurants 10 years ago.
    I think your post has decided my next sneaky holiday destination.

    1. totally! although there has been heaps of terrible news around phuket in the past week. i didnt realise green table had been around for so long! did you live there?

  5. Looks like an amazing time! I love all of the photos! I'm sorry, but I had to laugh about the monkeys..they are such scoundrels, but I love them and miss working with them every day. And I totally relate about the elephants. On our recent trip to India, part of our trip was to ride them up to this fort, I was so conflicted about it all. It just didn't seem like a great life for them.

    Welcome back! Glad you had an amazing time!



    1. i know it sucks, i definitely wouldn't ride them now, even stopping to take pics seems to be a bad idea as it continues the interest, i get so conflicted over it too x

  6. YOUR TOE!!!!

    Oh my god you poor thing!!!!

    I would have freaked the f out with that scorpion then refused to swim in the pool, what about the period of time from when they enter the pool to before the drown, what if you encountered one then?!

    Hope you show us your tattoo.


    1. did u get the email of my tattoo i sent you?


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