6 my week

(stripey losers)

jules and i went for a bush walk (i made him) with alice and her bf simon on the weekend, i thought we would go to this waterfall which was (i thought) only about 30 mins walk and have lunch, 1.5 hours later and we finally got there - whoops! none of us wanted to walk the 1.5 hrs back so we called mum for a lift back to the car (lazy). there were the biggest freakin' geese where we waited, i ran up the tree after Jules (he made it a little higher than i, 1 meter up and i got scared)  

my friend is on her honeymoon in new york and LA and sent me some shopping pics, these dieppa restrepo loafers (left) at opening ceremony looked delicious, she ended up with something (right) a little more fancy...

she also sent me this pic of a framed napkin suggesting we should do that with our wedding napkins - best idea ever!

i was on my weekly goodwill run when i came across this sweet little tray and star object - total cost $8!

i got some lovely new spotty pillow covers from sheridan

and han and i had fun colour blocking her bookshelf in her new house!

we also spent many hours discussing options for her new dining table arrangement...

i found some really cute slippers but of course they are all sold out in my size...

and finally, these cute lamps popped into my inbox from magnolia interiors. click here to see the rest of their new goodies!

xxx c

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  1. So many fabulous things!
    The napkin idea is great!

  2. What a busy post! Tibs beat me 'to it'. Ditto her comments. Love the slippies...tracked down some online suppliers; Wanted Shoes & Styletread. Have ordered a pair....thank you!
    x KL

  3. I love everything you do! Amazing!
    Yo always find such great finds at goodwill, I am coming to Sydney soon and was wondering if you have some vintage/op shop recommendations that I should hit up??


    Also, I must ask, where is that gorgeous blue ceramic(?) and Lucite bedside table lamp from?

    1. Thankyou! What a nice compliment, the lamps are from orson and blake but i know you can get them elsewhere, google pineapple lamp, re shopping i would say go to the mitchell road antique centre in erskineville it is amazing, 2 floors of amazingness! I guess it depends where you are staying

    2. Thanks so much for the tip. I will be staying in town, but im here for work so I'll have a car.


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