4 i've always wanted...

 ...a leopard print coat, how greedy for one lady to have 2 perfect specimens! (left is a joseph and right is celine) ideally i would like to find one in a vintage store so it looks well worn, but would i actually wear it is the question? maybe i could use it as an accessory in my wardrobe to just stare up and at and admire? 

xxx c
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  1. Ha ha! Love this! I bought the most amazing vintage Lisa Ho, faux fur 'bomber' jacket a few years back...after gathering 'dust' in the wardrobe, I ebayed her. Definitely a look for the young and slim. Or hip and cool. None of which, I regretfully admit, am I. You of course, will look amazing and no doubt ignite a renewed fevour for the trend!
    x KL

  2. I think I'd rock a leopard coat in my twilight years
    With super teased hair and hot pink lippy

    I'd totally do that now but I'd probably look like I was going to a costume party.
    If I was to do the look in this day and age I'd pair it with black skinny jeans and a plain t shirt.

    I think you should hunt one down!


  3. I have two and wear them all of the time! Leopard is my black! I could totally see you rockin one! Are you familiar with Emerson of Emerson Made? She collects them and has something upwards of around 30! I could die!



  4. I have a gorgeous leopard coat and I never wear it anymore because I feel silly! I refuse to give it away though, in hopes I'll work up enough courage to wear it again! This has inspired me... xx


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