1 a chair a day: numero uno

i think i could run a facet a day forever there seem to be so many faceted products but it's boring me now so I'm on to chairs. this polyvore is the first installment of chairs i love and that are unusual. hope you enjoy!

clockwise from top left: pedro freideberg gold 'hand chair' from 1st dibs, pharrell williams tank chair from galerie perrotin, pink chair from vladimir tsesler, kartell masters chair from space furniture and pharrell williams (again) perspective chair from galerie perrotin. some comfy, some not so much, either way i look forward to bringing you some more chairs that bring me joy!

xxx c

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1 comment:

  1. I love the gold hand chair. It would go perfectly in my black and gold room. The black one would make a really cool dining chair, but I couldn't live with the others :)


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