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i saw a really cute post on kecia's blog where she got her husband to comment on some interior shots and i couldn't resist asking my beloved his thoughts on the following rooms. i must pre warn you that he is quite strange, don't be alarmed, it's actually what keeps me so in love with him because i am constantly in fits of laughter...

starting from above, what are your thoughts on these rooms?

french, light, colourful, very tall white orchids (pronounced orCHards) lovely fireplace marble circa 1320. this room wouldn't like to be disturbed. 

healthy horses feeding in the paddock, comfortable spongy linen pillows with boring white walls and thick coffee table books, the rug in corner must be from hermes. the horses names are baxter and amplify. love to lay on the couch

ooooooh, very danish and bauhaus is one of my favourite authors. it looks like a hidden fireplace with a secret passage way behind. a bit fear and loathing

very, very busy, and a bit mix and matchy, same armchairs as my mum's house, comfy little ball on the couch with vatican city candle holders. overall, not a very comfortable room

it's like a brain storming room. TV could be a bit out of place, it should be a fireplace or a window or even an espresso machine. not much room on the table to put your glass of wine, you would definitely need coasters so it wouldn't mark the glass. all in all it's a bit of a trip.

uuuuummmm, a 3 year olds room. the big picasso looks nice but they forgot to take down their Christmas wreaths. that green pillow looks like a peppermint tampon and it's the first thing that catches your eye. there's too much stuff in this room - too many paintings, i would take away most of them. final word, beach house

why is the baby there? the other kids could be jealous (if they had any). the persian rug makes the room because of it's contrast with the cream couch. hermes trays are so 2011, they should have a country road tray instead. there's a little skull on the tray, he's cute but it's scaring the baby. all in all i don't really like it

ouch! it's hurting my eyes. the painting isn't finished but the room feels quite erotic/porno/junkie den. is that like a glossy paint on the walls? i s'pose it just adds to the horror of the room. no final word needed, uuummm, vomit

finally! a decent room that's warm and inviting and would smell nice, it would smell of john galliano diptyques. the polar bear bean bag would be comfy but poor polar bear for getting murdered for it. the tables look like they're made of ivory...oh are they gold? love the black velvet armchair. wooden leg table has toes, i like it. the chandelier is probably just made of perspex, that means it's cheap. favourite room that one

any last words on your first co post with me?

uuum, there's a lack of good interior designers out there, i think i might have a future in the business.

xxx c & j

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  1. Hi Claudia, you have just made my day- woke up feeling dizzy and tired, sick kids been home all week, trying to do housework all the while avoiding.... thought I'd pop on to peep and see what you were up to. Love your hubby's take on those rooms- takes a mans sensibility to cut through the crap! He was so right in every sense and love his sense of humour I got the thought process. Why was that huge baby there anyway??!! We need to get back to basics with home styling I think and go comfort and practicality with little flourishes here and there. Men just get that! I love simple, comfortable and practical but never do I scimp on style. A couple of stand out pieces and comfort all the way. I do have four children (2 are adults) but who wants to be dusting all that crap and being worried about breakages or feet on the lounge. hugs to your hubby and you for a gorgeous postxxxCorrina.

    1. i am SO glad that made you laugh and didn't deter you from peep! i almost felt like i should have responded to each of his comments they were so wrong! thanks for following and commenting, i appreciate it! xx

  2. best post yet - JTS you are WEIRD and i don't think we're related...

  3. Excellent! So glad you had a go at this post and I hope you enjoyed doing it as much as I did with my hubby. Totally cracking up! Peppermint tampon took the prize! Ahaha!



    1. So wrong..... hope you are having an amazing honeymoon x


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