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Firstly, what an honour it is to be a ‘guest’ on C’s blog. I feel all fancy! Here are a few snaps of my bits and pieces. You can certainly see a similarity between our styles (now that we are officially sister-in-laws it’s probably going to continue to be this way!) Claud generously gave me the ‘For Like Ever’ poster for I think my 22nd birthday (a while ago). I just ADORE it and have included it in many vignettes over the years! The Marc Jacobs pencils are sitting in my favourite Kuhn Keramik mug {NB: purchase these at Serin Cini ploise}. The very orange Hermes bangle is sitting on the very orange John Derian plate – another one of my firm favourites. 

The newest addition to my room is the gold lamp from Fig above. Claud bought it for me as a thank you gift for helping organise her wedding. Was certainly worth the 13,000 emails and the 22,000 phone calls! You can also see my current favourite stack of books, I do tend to mix them around a bit. Anything to do with New York & Paris always turns me on. And of course my favourite Louis chair. My grandmother (mama) originally owned this beauty, and Mum had it recovered for me as a special treat not that long ago. As you already know, I do love my leopard print! 

Hope you have all enjoyed my little feature. I am new to this whole blogging thing. I can see how Claud is addicted to it though.

C & J I hope you are enjoying your honeymooooon and thinking of us all at work.

xxx Alice
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  1. In love with that striped wallpaper!



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