2 the professionals: BCAA/light

what a beauty! this sculptural BCAA pendant light from christopher boots is actually the blown up structure of amino acids (branched-chain amino acids/BCAAs) which are essential for human survival. the arms of the light are gold plated copper, tipped with tubes of borosilicate glass. he has also created an exquisite crystal light called the diamond ring - peep it and the rest of his collection here.

xxx c
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  1. Isn't his work amazing? I'm dying over that diamond ring chandelier, it's like a fabulous earring on a room! I love the crystals, and his idea that if the lighting in the house isn't well thought out, then the rest of the house is just 'ordinary'. Interesting {and great} way to look at it! Just spotted this today in the real living mag... good stuff!

  2. I saw this recently... can't remember where but was intrigued by design inspiration. Love it C!
    x KL


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