0 day in the life with hannah

the day began with a trip to our beloved skin lady sandra for a final pre wedding treatment, unfortunately she is leaving and we don't know what we'll do without her, she is a french miracle. thanks hannah for introducing me! then it was off to a shoot for one of han's new cook books she is art directing, i loved seeing her work and was just a bit daunted by the tiny details that go into each shot

i was also amazed at the amount of props that stylist louise had for this one book - every colour of flatware you could imagine!

next was the best lunch EVER from bitton in alexandria. sourdough, tomato, goats cheese and pesto - a delight for the tummy (sorry for the blurry photo)

someone i have been meaning to introduce you to is my god daughter muffin, better known as mimi la rue, or crab cakes, or key lime pie, or mini t-rex, or tiny little sugar puff or sweet valley high or any another name that we can find to describe her sweetness. she is hannah's daughter and i was there at her birth (when we picked her up from the breeder) so she is like family to me and it was so exciting to spend a weekday lunch together! la rue has recently had a new trim and it has literally taken 5 years off her tiny rainbow filled body. 

as we were so close to erskineville we thought it would be rude not to pop into mitchell road. this moose monstrosity was the first thing we saw when we went in - very crudely stitched together and a bit too big for my liking

a quick stop in at reverse garbage and the bower which unfortunately did not prove to be very fruitful but i did spy something i would buy if i had a room the size of an air hanger (see if you can spot it in the pic below)

and finally...a tiny weeny sneakery at something i assisted hannah with that you can see in full very soon! watch this space...

xxx c
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