2 glossy box number four

glossybox four is in and it's a valentines day special - the box is neon pink (cute) and came with a roll of love heart candy (cuter). i got a full size australis colour inject lipgloss in bollywood, a 60ml proactiv deep cleansing wash, a carmex moisture plus lip balm, a star and rose floral wonderland emergency nail files pack and a full size lily loves pearl balance me sweet orange botanical toner. i guess it was kind of ok this time, not bad enough to make me leave not good enough to make me excited. on another note i have just signed up to another box and if they are really good i will make the switch.

xxx c
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  1. I have just cancelled my subscription based on seeing what another girl got.. a heart shaped sponge loaded with some crapness, 2 glosses and the proactive. Why they would send something like proactive is beyond me, it's not the safest product on the market that's for sure.

    You might not be able to see the picture because my twitter is set to private: https://twitter.com/#!/blithelyunaware/media/slideshow?url=pic.twitter.com%2FHtsEfQV

    I sent them an email when I cancelled, looking forward to their response.

  2. I just received mine... I have two words for you: lip tattoos.

    Yes, I'm serious.


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