4 deadly ponies lust

apologies for the shaky photo but i wanted to share this bag i saw at incu in paddington today, it's the deadly ponies mr snake market bag and i am in LOVE. i admit it is reminiscent of the celine luggage but not enough for it to matter to me. i also found a delicious acne chunky knit which i may have to go back and try on tomorrow...

xxx c
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  1. OOOH! Both are yum! I quite like the display stand the bag in on too...LOL!
    x KL

  2. Hi Claudia. Gorgeous bag ! Ok when can I buy this online ?

  3. Another quick question, can you use this as a shoulder or sling bag ? Thanks !

  4. hi nancy - yes you can absolutely use it as a sling or it easily fits over the shoulder. your best bet to find one is to visit their website for stockists - good luck!!! x


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