2 m is for

m is for macaron. thanks alice for the post work out treat. do they cancel each other out? who cares

xxx c
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  1. I just made macaron with my 3 neices( ranging from 4-9 yrs) and my daughter Ruby 8yrs and son Curtis 5 yrs. It was a feat of magnitudinous proportions and they took us hours to make as we did each step and gave everyone a go at helping. The recipe made 30. They didn't quite turn out like the ones in your pic but we had so much fun making them. When they were cooked and filled we made a pot of real tea and had a tea party on the back deck. We did pretty well considering none of us had made them before- all in all a great day and great relationship building. xxCorrina.

  2. corrina - LOVE it! sounds like absolute heaven u lucky thing x


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