9 jelly?

these bad boys just arrived from ebay for le wedding. how am i going to resist burning them? well this one will certainly tide me over, plus i got a new tocca stella from serin cini that's burning NOW. and i just finished this one...

a little candle obsessed you think?

xxx c

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  1. Hi Claudia

    Do you mind me asking if your iMac is a 22.5 or 27inch?


  2. get out of town! that's so cheap for them... adding to my list of things to buy!

  3. Why not? They look heavenly! Will investigate...
    x KL

  4. So Jelly.. Just watched an old episode of SATC and Carrie had the Baies one burning.. Makes it uber cool now.. x

  5. Ok, thanks for posting this, because up until now I've been the lame-o in the corner who didn't know what these candles were called!! Diptyque! I've always loved their classic and clean appeal. Saving up!

    Something 2 Write About

  6. Hey..re earlier post, thanks for the Paris book link, wonderful, have just spent happy hour going through...off to buy Diptyque candle now...what a style guru you are :) West Sussex girl...UK x

  7. hey there - question, are the candles from ebay definitely real? I've heard horror stories and work in an industry where we find out about fakes online all the time..
    makes me sceptical, but if these are real that's awesome!
    marisa x


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