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this is my first ever cire trudon candle from my future mother in law for my birthday. these bad boys were created by claude trudon in the 17th century and quickly became the royal wax manufacturer serving the queen and most of the large churches in france. trudon were the favourite candle of marie antoinette (there is one named after her) so much so, that sofia coppola used them in her 2006 movie 'marie antoinette' to add authenticity. in 1811 napoleon gave his son only one present - a cire trudon candle, are you getting the picture about how amazing they are? cire trudon is now the oldest, most prestigious wax manufacturer in the world and can only be purchased at a few places in sydney: serin cini, becker minty, the country trader and robert burton (and more recently online at net-a-porter). to make them even more special, each candle has it's own story and artwork as depicted in the booklet that comes with the candle (below)

click here to read more about these amazing candles and when you have a spare $99 go out and buy one - you will not regret it. they also have a blog that is worth a look and, before i finish raving on, just a bit of trivia for you, mary-kate has huge bunches of the skinny trudon candles in vases in place of flowers - how chic!

xxx c
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