5 glossy box number two = a big fat zero

dear glossy box, i do not have frizzy hair and i am not a male, i also do not wear maroon lip liner, this is why i took the time to fill out your extensive beauty profile, so i wouldn't open my box to find hair fudge and frizz ease, rather, i would find product that actually related to my needs that YOU asked me about. i will give you another chance in case next time you redeem yourself. 

TY xxx c
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  1. i signed up last month after your blog post as i thought it was a great little treat for me every month. I was also a little disapointed i got the same minus the frizz ease products and got a hair lightner and fragerance sample in its place. im keeping my subscription and hoping for the best. B xx

  2. I too was very disappointed in this delivery too. Does not relate to the profile I filled in at all. My box was the same as Beck's. I have very dark verging on black hair so do not require a 'blonde hair lightner'. Hoping that the first delivery in 2012 redeems itself. Nic X

  3. I got exactly the same box as you, it's terrible.
    None of the products relate to the "survey" I filled out. It's like they just threw in the samples they had for that month hoping we wouldn't notice how irrelevant they are.

    Don't really know what to do with it :/

  4. Bummer! Did you know you're featuted on the LENNOX?
    x KL

  5. I subscribed to Glossy Box after seeing your post last month....
    What a massive disappointment the contents of my box turned our to be!! Not one of the products relate to the survey I filled out. Very dull products that are not suited to my needs at all. Will give them one more chance....
    Merry Christmas.


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