1 the professionals: anna malin/photographer

i was looking through alice's iphone pictures last night when i saw this one. she said she got it from ffffound - great, that won't take me long...i did a bit of exploring which led me to helt enkelt blog, founded by anna malin. she takes beautiful photos and her style is impeccable. she is also as obsessed with restyling her space to fit where she's at as i am, anna said "The day I stop reshuffling, beautify, build, enjoy change and style with simple means, well, I stop also likely to blog (sic)" i love how much this means to her, coupled with her insane talent, this one's a must read. 

xxx c
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  1. Holy Moly, i'm so glad I saved that picture in my phone. That blog is addictive. Bye bye work- hello Helt Enkelt!


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